Monday, August 12, 2013

Welcome: Get Involved. Keep Informed. Be Heard.

As a new semester approaches, welcome to the launch of Staff Council Speaks: The Official Blog of the Staff Council of Texas Woman's University. Hopefully, this also marks the beginning of an ongoing, robust conversation among TWU staff members touching on a variety of issues that concern us all. 

This is the spot where the Staff Council of Texas Woman's University will speak about a variety of useful and interesting issues and items targeted to those of us who make up the dedicated staff of the Dallas, Denton and Houston campuses of TWU. Your feedback, opinions and viewpoints are invited and welcome--so please take a few moments to share them with the rest of us.

For more about the Staff Council, its history and members, its constitution & bylaws and committees--see the TWU Staff Council webpage. For questions, concerns, suggestions, issues you'd like to discuss--or if you'd simply like to know what we're up to--contact your Staff Council representative or attend a Staff Council monthly meeting (although subject to change, these are typically held the second Tuesday of every month on the Denton campus. Location to be announced. All staff members are invited to attend.  Staff members in Dallas or Houston are welcome to attend by videoconference--in IHSD 8720 in Dallas, and in IHSH 5305 in Houston.)

Get involved. Keep informed. Be heard.  After all, we're all in this together.

~Sandy Cochran


  1. Much appreciation to the sage Sandy Cochran and Nancy Gotcher to begin this blog - more good things to come...

    1. Thanks, Bo--for the compliment and for being a vital member of the Staff Council Communications Committee.

  2. Thanks to Michelle Reeves, Sandy Cochran, Nancy Gotcher, and Karen Zapata for providing this informational and outstanding blog. Sorry to be missing the rest of the year's fun at Texas Wesleyan (with three other for TWU staff/faculty), and kudos to Staff Council - Tahnks to Kathleen Hedges and 2013-14 president Caitlin Rodgers for all their great work, too...

  3. Best of everything to you, Bo. I, for one, will miss your enthusiasm and thoughtful contributions to Staff Council. Sandy Cochran

  4. With the holidays coming, what can staff do to help our community beyond the Angel Trees and Toy Drives? Are there any needs not being met that TWU Staff can assist with? Are there any needs within the TWU Community?